Friday, August 24, 2012

Peter Weber

  Peter Weber, my 2nd Great-Grandfather, was born on 3 November 1842 in Calumet Wisconsin. Peter was the first child born in the United States to German immigrants Anton Weber and Anna Koenigs.

  In 1863, at the age of twenty-one, Peter traveled to the west coast and lived for 5 years in California and Nevada. Peter returned to Wisconsin by 1868 and settled  in Mount Calvary Wisconsin.

  On 3 November 1868, at Mount Calvary Wisconsin, Peter married an Austrian immigrant named Paulina Flatz, From this marriage nine children, five daughters and four sons, would be born in Mount Calvary.

  In Mount Calvary, Peter established and ran a general repair and blacksmith shop. Peter served as a Justice of the Peace for three years and a member of the town's Board of Supervisors as a Democrat.

  In the 1880's, Peter moved his family from Mount Calvary to Superior Wisconsin to live. Peter would die of Pneumonia in Superior Wisconsin on 18 June 1891. (See Photo) Peter is buried  at the Old St Francis Cemetery in Superior Wisconsin, (See Photo)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 15th, A Day of Celebration in the Family

  A short post today.

  August 15th is a day of celebration of my heritage as one descended from Acadia. August 15th, in 2004,  was designated as "Acadian National Day"

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  August 15th is a day of celebration for my Korean Wife. On August 15, 1945, Korea regained her independence as a country, and August 15th is celebrated as a national holiday in Korea as "Independence Day"

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  The attached picture is of me and my wife in Korea forty-six years ago:


Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Tilley's of Henlow England

  John Tilley and Joan Hurst, my 11th Great-Grandparents were married on 20 September 1596 at St Mary Church in Henlow England, (See Photo) Both John and Joan were born in Henlow England, he on 19 December 1571 to Robert Tilley and his wife Elizabeth, and she on March 13 1567/68 to William Hurst and Rose Fisher.

  Edward Tilley, brother of John Tilley, was born in Henlow England on 27 May 1588. Edward married an Alice Cooper on 20 July 1614, probably in Henlow England.

  In September of 1620 the brothers sailed to The New World on the "Mayflower" (see painting) and arrived at what was to become Plymouth Massachusettes in December of 1620. John brought his wife and his daughter Elizabeth, and  Edward brought his wife and her nephew and neice.

  The winter of 1620/21 was harsh on the new settlers and all the adult Tilley's and their wives died during the winter. John's daughter, Elizabeth, of whom I decend, survived the winter and would marry a fellow "Mayflower" passenger named John Howland. The neice of Alice Cooper, Humility, would survive the winter and return to England. The nephew of Alice Cooper, Henry Samson, survived the winter and remained in the New World

For furthur reading see Wikipedia entries for , John Tilley, Edward Tilley and Henry Samson

Friday, August 3, 2012

Marie Madeleine LeBlanc

  Marie Madeleine LeBlanc, my 6th Great Grandmother, was born in Grand-Pre Acadia on 18 November 1725 to Francois LeBlanc and Cecile Boudrot.
  She would marry a Jean Baptiste Forest around 1745 and to this family would be born two boys and two girls. The family would reside in Pisiguit Acadia, During the French and Indian War, the family moved to Isle Madame to be under the Security of the French Fort at Louisbourg. With the fall of Fort Louisbourg in 1758, the Forest family was captured and placed on ships for France.
  It is unknown whether the father, Jean Baptiste Forest, died prior to the sailing to France or perished during the sailing. One ten year old daughter would escape the sailing by going to Quebec with relatives.(see link below to previous blogpost) The widow, Marie LeBlanc and three of her children  survived the sailing and arrived in St Malo France on 23 January 1759. (See record below)
  Conditions aboard the ship must have been horrible as the family was placed in the hospital upon their arrival in France.(See hospital record below) Marie died on 18 March 1759 in St. Servan France and was buried there the following day.(See Burial Record below) Two of her remaining children would die less than a month after their mother on April 12th and April 14th in the hospital of St. Servan. Only one child of this family would survive the sailing to St Malo France.

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