Sunday, May 29, 2011

Joseph Bodfish (Wolf Bounty Hunter)

Joseph Bodfish, my 8th g-Grandfather, was born April 3 1651 in Sandwich Massachusetts. Joseph was the youngest of ten children born to Robert Bodfish and Bridget Sugg.

Joseph married Elizabeth Besse in June of 1674 and the couple would have fourteen children, Seven sons and seven daughters.

Joseph moved to Barnstable Massachusetts and established the Bodfish name in that town. Joseph was said to be an expert hunter and was on par with the "Indians" when it came to setting traps for catching wolves for their bounty. On one occasion Joseph was attacked by a Wolf when the trap came loose, and the trap became a family heirloom. Joseph is said to have killed the last wolf in Barnstable Massachusetts.

Joseph died on December 2 1744 at the age of 94 in Barnstable Massachusetts where he is buried.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Louis Dupuis (Early Settler of Saint-Anicet Quebec)

Louis Dupuis, a Judge and my 4th g-Grandfather, was born in Quebec around 1794 to Augustin Dupuis and Marguerite Dubeau.

Shortly after Louis's birth, his family moved to and became one of the earliest residents of what would become Saint-Anicet Quebec.

On November 26 1817, Louis married a Genevieve LeBlanc at St Regis, Huntingdon, Quebec (See Marriage record) The couple would have eleven children, one son and ten daughters, all born in Saint-Anicet.

Louis would die on March 3 1863 and was buried in Saint-Anicet

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

John Smith and Susan Catherine Corcoran (2nd Great Grandparents)

John Smith was born in County Tipperary Ireland about 1832. He was to emigrate to the United States and settle in San Francisco California where he worked as a laborer.

Susan Catherine Corcoran was born in County Roscommon Ireland about 1833 and emigrated to the United States with her sister "Rose". The sisters were to settle in San Francisco California.

John Smith and Susan Corcoran married prior to 1867 and would reside in San Francisco California for all their married life, primarily at 721 Church Street in the City's Mission District. Three children would be born of this marriage in San Francisco : Mary born in July of 1867, John born in March of 1869, and Thomas born in June of 1874.

John Smith would die on July 10 1888 and Susan would follow in death on November 19 1893. John and Susan were originally buried at Mount Calvary Cemetery in San Francisco. On May 14 1927, John and Susan were re-interned at Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma California due to the closing of cemeteries in the City of San Francisco. John and Susan are buried in the same burial plot with their children.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Adeline Caza (2nd Great-Grandmother)

Adeline Caza was born on June 21 1843 in Saint-Anicet Quebec, the first daughter of Jean Baptist Caza and Desanges Audet.

At the age of 12, Adeline was to marry an Antoine LeBlanc at Saint-Anicet on January 6 1856.(see marriage record) The marriage was to result in twelve children, eight sons and four daughters.

The family would immigrate to Oswego New York in 1877 where their last child was born in 1878.

Adeline died in Oswego at the early age of thirty-eight, on August 3 1881 and was buried along side two of her daughters at "The Oswego Rural Union Cemetery" (see Photo) in Oswego New York. She and her daughters are buried in Section 5, Lot 124N 1/2 with no headstones.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Patrick Thomas Hartnett (Maternal Great Grandfather)

Patrick Thomas Hartnett was born February 21 1876 in Fort Dodge Iowa to Patrick Hartnett and Catherine Powers (Subjects of an earlier post)Patrick was employed as a Printer and Press Operator through out his life working originally with the "Fort Dodge Messenger" in Fort Dodge Iowa.

On Christmas Day 1900, Patrick married a Nellie Reynolds who was 4 months pregnant. This marriage was to result in two children, a daughter and a son, being born in Fort Dodge. The marriage was to end within ten years possibly because of the "shotgun" marriage or the fact that his bride had mental problems due to her fathers accidental shooting death in her teen years.

Patrick moved to South Dakota in the mid 1910's and married a Florence Iverson. Patrick and Florence were to have three children, a daughter and two sons, born in South Dakota.

Around the mid 1920's Patrick would move his second family to California, taking up residence in Riverside where he would reside until about 1953. While in Riverside, Patrick was to maintained a relationship with his children by his first marriage and gave his eldest daughter away in marriage in 1927 in Riverside.

Patrick moved San Diego California around 1953, and it was in San Diego that Patrick would die on January 22 1954. Patrick was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in San Diego California

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Theodose Forest (Orphan of the French and Indian Wars)

Theodose Forest, my 5th g-Grandmother, was born around 1748 in Pisiquit Acadia to Jean Baptist Forest and Marie Madeleine LeBlanc. Theodose was to spend her early years with her family living in Pisiquit and then Isle Madame Acadia.

In 1755, the British in anticipation of war with France, began a systematic removal of all Acadians from Acadia. The Forest Family was to survive through 1758 at Isle Madame under the protection of the French Army at Fort Louisbourg.

Sometime before the fall of Fort Louisbourg to the British in 1758, Theodose was sent to live in Quebec under the protection of her Grand-Uncle. Theodose's parents and three siblings were captured and deported to St Malo France. Theodose's father was to die either prior to the deportation or during the voyage to France. Her mother and two of her siblings were to survive the voyage in poor health and die within two and a half months after their arrival in France. Only one brother of Theodose was to survive the voyage to France and he was to die trying to return to the New World in 1785.

Theodose, at the age of thirteen, was to marry a Pierre Rollin on June 15 1761 at Saint Anne de Bellevue, Montreal Quebec and was given away by her Grand Uncle. The marriage was to produce six children, but her "Forest" line was to be no more.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Benjamin Nye (Early Settler of Sandwich Massachusetts)

Benjamin Nye, my 8th g-Grandfather, was born on May 4th 1620 in Biddonden Kent England to Thomas Nye and Agnes Rye. His life was to be greatly affected by Thomas Tupper (subject of last weeks blog)

Benjamin arrived in the "New World" at the age of fifteen aboard the ship "Abigail" (the same ship that Thomas Tupper arrived on 4 years earlier)In all probability Benjamin was to serve as an apprentice to Thomas Tupper in Lynn Massachusetts. Benjamin followed Mr Tupper in 1637 to establish the Town of Sandwich Massachusetts.

On October 19 1640, the twenty year old Benjamin took for his bride the 17 year old Katherine Tupper (the daughter of Thomas Tupper). This marriage was to produce six sons and two daughters all born in Sandwich Massachusetts.

Benjamin was to build and operate a mill in Sandwich. He built his home around 1681 and the home is still standing and is operated today as a museum by the "Nye Family of America Association"

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Johann Flatz and Mary Anna Gasser (My 3rd Great Grandparents from Austria)

Johann Flatz was born July 3rd 1823 in Schwarzach Austria to Johann Flatz and Agatha Duer. Mary Anna Gasser was born February 14 1820 in Wolfurt Austria to Johann Gasser and Magdelena Flatz. On August 18 1845, Johann Flatz and Mary Anna Gasser united in marriage.

Johann and Mary lived in Wolfurt Austria for the first five years of their married life, he working as a glazier and she giving birth to two daughters and a son; sadly the son was to die before he lived more then three months. In March 1850, in anticipation of emigrating to the United States, the couple sold their home in Wolfurt. Soon after the sale of their Wolfurt home, Mary found herself pregnant with a third daughter and their emigration was delayed another year.

In late 1851, Johann and Mary and their three daughters departed LeHavre France on the ship "Viola" and arrived in New York City on December 29 1851. The family would temporarily settle in Milwaukee Wisconsin and then move permanently to Mount Calvary Wisconsin, where they would have four more children.

Johann would die on February 28 1870 in Mount Calvary and Mary was to work as a midwife in order to raise her children on a 15 acre farm in Mount Calvary. Mary was to live in Mount Calvary until her death on November 25 1891.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thomas Tupper (A Founder of Sandwich Massachusetts)

Thomas Tupper, my 9th g-Grandfather, was born on January 28 1578 in Bury, Sussex, England. Thomas was to become a leatherworker and shoemaker as an apprentice in London England during the years 1592-1599. Beginning in 1621 Thomas was to sail between England and the "New World" numerous times learning the additional trade as a carpenter. Thomas settled permanently in Massachusetts in 1631, arriving on the ship "Abigail".

In 1637 Thomas and nine others were granted permission, by Plymouth Colony, to establish the first settlement on Cape Cod which was to become the town of Sandwich Massachusetts. The Tupper family home was built in 1637 and was to stand until it was destroyed by fire in 1921 (See Picture) Thomas's eldest daughter Katherine, my ancestor, was to marry a Benjamin Nye on October 19, 1640 at the Tupper family home.

Thomas Tupper died at the age of Ninty Eight in Sandwich Massachusetts in March of 1676.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Francoise Gaudet (Mother of all "Acadian LeBlanc's")

Francoise Gaudet, my 8th and 9th g-Grandmother, was born about 1623 in France to Jean Gaudet and an unnamed mother. She was to marry in France about 1644-1645 an unknown "Mercier" and had one daughter named Mary, born about 1646 in France, through this marriage. Francoise, her father, two siblings, and her daughter were to immigrate to the New World settling in Port Royal Acadia in the 1640's.

Around 1650 in Port Royal Acadia, Francoise was to marry for a second time to a Daniel LeBlanc and this union was to become the origin of all the Acadian LeBlanc's in the New World. Francoise and Daniel were to have Six sons and one daughter, and five of the sons were to have children to carry on the Acadian "LeBlanc" name. While there are a few "LeBlanc" surnames of Quebec origin in the New World, the majority of the New World "LeBlanc's" decend from the Acadian couple of Daniel and Francoise.

Francoise was to become a widow for the second time between 1695 and 1698 and she was to follow her husband in death in Port Royal between 1698 and 1700

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Patrick Hartnett and Catherine Powers (Irish Immigrants)

My second g-Grandparents, Patrick Hartnett and Catherine Powers, came from County Cork Ireland. It is unknown if the knew each other prior to their uniting in wedlock on November 9 1871 at Fort Dodge Iowa.

Patrick Hartnett was born on the 22nd or 23rd of December 1837 in County Cork Ireland. Patrick immigrated to the United States, at the age of eighteen, in 1854 and the period from 1854 till his marriage in Fort Dodge remains a mystery.

Catherine Powers was born in May 1850 in County Cork Ireland to Patrick Powers and Nancy Kiley. Katherine came to the United States with her parents at the age of one, first residing in New Jersey and then Fond du Lac Wisconsin, before arriving in Iowa in 1861.

Patrick Hartnett and Catherine Powers were to spend their married life farming near Fort Dodge Iowa. Their marriage was to produce eleven children, six boys and 5 girls.

Catherine was to die on Oct 20 1906 in Fort Dodge Iowa and Patrick was to follow her in death, dying on September 20 1923 in Debuque Iowa. Both Katherine and Patrick are buried at Corpus Christi Cemetery in Fort Dodge.

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