Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Andre Robidou (The Spaniard)

Andre Roubidoux, my 8th g-Grandfather, was born about 1640 in Sainte-Marie, Galicia, Spain. Andre's father Emmanual Roubidoux was of French heritage while his mother Catherine Alva was of Basque heritage. Because of Andre's birth in Spain he would be known throughout life as "The Spaniard"

Andre spent his early years in France as a sailor. On April 20 1661, At La Rochelle France, Andre contracted to work for three years in the "New World" under the employment and sponsorship of a Eustache Lambert.

Andre sailed to the New World aboard the ship "La Marguerite" and arrived in late 1661. Andre would serve as a sailor for his three contracted years for Eustache Lambert and would continue to work for Eustache Lambert at least through 1666.

In 1667 Andre married Jeanne Denotte and the couple settled in Laprarie Quebec. The marriage would result in the birth of five children, three daughters and two sons.

Andre died on April 1 1678 at the age of thirty-eight in Montreal Quebec

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Joseph Weld (Captain of Militia)

Joseph Weld, my 10th g-Grandfather, was born on April 7 1599 at Terling, Essex, England to Edmund Weld and his wife Amy Brewster Clark. On October 11 1620 in England Joseph took for his first wife an Elizebeth Shatswell. The marriage would result in the birth of six children, the first five being born in England and the last being born in Massachusetts.

In June of 1632, Joseph and his family arrived in The New World on the ship "The William and Francis" and took up residence in Roxbury Massachusetts. John and his family would be among the earliest members of the First Church of Roxbury, at which Joseph's brother Thomas would later become Pastor.

Joseph served as an aide to Governor Winthrop and as a Deputy to the Massachusetts General Court. As a Captain of the Roxbury Militia, Joseph would lead his troops in the "Pequot Indian Wars" of 1634-1637, and would be a witness to the surrender of the Indian Leaders.

Joseph was awarded 278 Acres of land in Roxbury in reward for his service in the "Pequot Wars" and became one of the wealthiest men in the colony. Joseph gave alot of his money toward education and was one of the original sponsers of Harvard College.

Joseph died on October 7 1646 in Roxbury Massachusetts and was buried three days later at the St. Eustice Burial Grounds of Roxbury.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eloise Pauline Clarke (The Married Years)

This is a continuation of a post of June 15.

Lois Clarke, my Paternal Grandmother, married Albert George LeBlanc on June 16 1925. The couple married at St. Mary Magdalene Church of Stone Lake in Spring Brook Wisconsin. The marriage was officiated over by Ignatius Kinney and witnessed by Henry LeBlanc (the grooms brother) and Cecilia Campbell (see Marriage Record)

Lois would reside in Duluth Minnesota from the time of her marriage, raising two sons of her own, and adopted daughter, and being a Foster Parent to numerous children.

In the 1940's Lois moved her family to Southern California, where she helped with the families finances by being a maid at a large hotel in Wilmington California. The Hotel business evidently got into her blood, as she and her husband bought a parcel of land and built an eight room family motel named "The Cove Motel" in Wilmington California. They later expanded the rooms from eight to fourteen, doing most of the construction themselves.

In her later years, Lois and her husband traveled around the country in a motor home before settling down to live in Bellflower California.

Lois lived to the age of ninty-three, dying on January 16 1996 in Bellflower, She was buried with he husband at All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach California.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

In Honor of Two Family Members in "The War of 1812"

One-Hundred and Ninety-Nine years ago tomorrow, on June 18th, United States President James Madison signed A Declaration of War on England. (see Photo)Two of my 4th g-Grandfathers served in the war.

Aldrich Worley of Westford Vermont served in Cpt Joseph Dorrance's Company of Calvary of the 3rd and 4th Vermont Regiments.(See Photo's)

Stephen R. Reynolds would serve the Vermont Militia from Ferrisburg Vermont.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eloise Pauline Clarke (The Single Years)

Eloise (Lois) Pauline Clarke, my paternal Grandmother, was born August 18 1903 in Brainerd Minnesota. Lois was baptized on September 20 1903 at Superior Wisconsin and was the only child of George F Clarke and Josephine Weber.

When Lois was one year old her father deserted her and her mother. On September 27 1904 Lois's father George, a machinist with the railroad, went to work and never returned. Nothing further has ever been found on her father.

Lois lived her early years in Chicago Illinois, where her mother worked as a maid. Around 1912 Lois gained a step-father, when her mother married a Charles Foster, and the family would live on a farm in Earl Wisconsin. Lois would gain two younger half siblings, Elizabeth and Marion, through her mother's second marriage.

Lois would grow up on the farm at Earl Wisconsin until the year 1925 when she would marry. Lois's married life is a story for a future blog post.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

John Howland Jr. (Leader of Barnstable Military)

John Howland, my 9th g-Grandfather, was born on February 24 1627 in Plymouth Massachusetts. John was the first son born to "Mayflower" passengers John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley.

On October 26 1651, John married a Mary Lee in Plymouth. The couple would have three sons and seven daughters, their first three children being born in Plymouth while the remaining seven would be born in Barnstable Massachusetts.

Around 1658 John moved his family from Plymouth to Barnstable, where John would take up farming on a ninety acre farm. He would be appointed an Ensign and later Lieutenant of military companies of Barnstable during the "King Phillips War" John would serve many political positions in Barnstable, including that of Selectman.

John's place and date of death are unknown, but he is known to have been alive as late as 1702.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pierre Guillet (Early settler of Cap-de La Madeleine-Quebec)

Pierre Guillet, my 8th g-Grandfather, was born 1626 in La Rochelle France to Francois Guillet and Perrine Menard.

Around 1647 Pierre, along with his brother Mathuren, arrived in the "New World" and settled in Trios Rivieres Quebec. About 1648 Pierre married in Trios Rivieres a Jeanne Saint Pere, while his brother married Jeanne's sister Catherine.

In 1650 Pierre and his brother moved their families to Cap-de La Madeleine Quebec where they were of the first fourteen allowed to settle there. In 1651, Pierre's brother was killed by the Iroquois, and Pierre moved his family back closer to Quebec City probally for safety reasons. Pierre would return permanently to Cap-de La Madeleine in 1657.

Pierre Guillet died in Cap-de La Madeleine on May 6 1695 at the age of sixty-nine.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Patience Robinson

Patience Robinson, my 5th g-Grandmother, was born November 10 1749 in Hardwick Massachusetts to James Robinson and Elizabeth Smith.

On April 14 1771 in Hardwick Massachusetts, Patience married Joseph Nye (subject of an earlier blogpost). Joseph Nye was a widower with six children under the age of thirteen and Patience took on the roll as their step-mother. In addition to the Six step-children, Patience would have eight children of her own with Joseph Nye.

Patience would loose her husband in 1804 and moved to Westford Vermont to live with a daughter and two of her sons. Patience died in Westford Vermont on October 1 1819 and is buried there

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