Sunday, July 28, 2013

Etienne LeBlanc (A 100 word essay)

  Etienne LeBlanc is the most interesting Ancestor I have. .He was born in Grand-Pre, Acadia. At a young age,  he was deported with his family to the American Colonies and imprisoned throughout  the “French and Indian War“ By 1776, Etienne was back in Quebec, and enlisted in the American Continental Army fighting the British to establish The United States. During the war, Etienne found the time to marry and father three children, and had his family with him at Albany NY at the end of the War. After the War, Etienne returned to Quebec and died there in 1834.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Jean Baptiste Quintin dit Dubois

  Jean Baptiste Quintin dit Dubois, my 8th g-Grandfather, was born on 16 may 1668 at Pont-Scorff, France. Jean Baptiste was the son of Claude Quintin and Claudine Lafalune and was the fourth of eight siblings to be baptized at Saint Aubin, the Parish Church of Pont-Scorff, France.

  In 1688, at the age of twenty, Jean Baptiste arrived in Quebec as a Marine in the Lagloiserie Company of French Marines. The Marines formed the core of the New France military,  protecting Quebec from 1682 through 1755. Jean Baptiste would remain in Quebec for the rest of his life

  On 17 Jan 1695, at the age of twenty-eight, Jean Baptiste took for his wife a Marie Jeanne Delpe. The couple were married in the parrish of Sainte-Anne, in the town of Varennes Quebec. The couple lived in Varennes for the first few years of their married life, where the couple had their first three children.

  By 1700 Jean Baptiste would move his family to Repentigny Quebec. In Repentigny the family would grow with the birth of twelve more children for a total of fifteen all together.

  Jean Baptiste lived in Repentigny Quebec for the rest of his life, dying there on 1 March 1742 at the age of seventy-three.

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