Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Josephine Anna Weber

  Josephine Anna Weber, my Great Grandmother, was born on 3 May 1873 in Mount Calvary Wisconsin. Josephine was the fourth of nine children, five girls and four boys, born to Peter Weber and Pauline Flatz. (Subjects of earlier posts)

  Josephine would grow up in Mount Calvary, moving with her family to Superior Wisconsin in 1890 at the age of seventeen. Shortly after moving to Superior Wisconsin, Josephine's father contracted Pneumonia and passed away. Josephine would live with her widowed mother in Superior until 1902.

                           Clarke-Weber Wedding Photo

  On 21 October 1902, in Superior Wisconsin, Josephine married a George F Clarke (Subject of an earlier post). From this marriage a daughter, Lois, would be born on 18 August 1903. On the morning of 27 September 1904, Josphine's husband supposedly went to work at his job with the railroad and never returned. Josephine would support herself and her daughter, for the next eight years, working as a live in maid and as a restaurant worker. Josephine was granted a divorce from her husband on the grounds of abandonment on  12 April 1911.

  Soon after Josephine's divorce, she married a Charles Foster. The couple would farm in Springbrook Wisconsin where they would have a daughter named Marion. Josephine's second husband would die on 15 April 1936.

Josephine's two daughters would move to Southern California, and Josephine followed to live near her family Josephine died in Bellflower California on 17 September 1965, at the age of ninty-two, and was buried next to her second husband in Earl, Wisconsin