Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pierre Guillet (Early settler of Cap-de La Madeleine-Quebec)

Pierre Guillet, my 8th g-Grandfather, was born 1626 in La Rochelle France to Francois Guillet and Perrine Menard.

Around 1647 Pierre, along with his brother Mathuren, arrived in the "New World" and settled in Trios Rivieres Quebec. About 1648 Pierre married in Trios Rivieres a Jeanne Saint Pere, while his brother married Jeanne's sister Catherine.

In 1650 Pierre and his brother moved their families to Cap-de La Madeleine Quebec where they were of the first fourteen allowed to settle there. In 1651, Pierre's brother was killed by the Iroquois, and Pierre moved his family back closer to Quebec City probally for safety reasons. Pierre would return permanently to Cap-de La Madeleine in 1657.

Pierre Guillet died in Cap-de La Madeleine on May 6 1695 at the age of sixty-nine.

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