Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eloise Pauline Clarke (The Married Years)

This is a continuation of a post of June 15.

Lois Clarke, my Paternal Grandmother, married Albert George LeBlanc on June 16 1925. The couple married at St. Mary Magdalene Church of Stone Lake in Spring Brook Wisconsin. The marriage was officiated over by Ignatius Kinney and witnessed by Henry LeBlanc (the grooms brother) and Cecilia Campbell (see Marriage Record)

Lois would reside in Duluth Minnesota from the time of her marriage, raising two sons of her own, and adopted daughter, and being a Foster Parent to numerous children.

In the 1940's Lois moved her family to Southern California, where she helped with the families finances by being a maid at a large hotel in Wilmington California. The Hotel business evidently got into her blood, as she and her husband bought a parcel of land and built an eight room family motel named "The Cove Motel" in Wilmington California. They later expanded the rooms from eight to fourteen, doing most of the construction themselves.

In her later years, Lois and her husband traveled around the country in a motor home before settling down to live in Bellflower California.

Lois lived to the age of ninty-three, dying on January 16 1996 in Bellflower, She was buried with he husband at All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach California.

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