Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eloise Pauline Clarke (The Single Years)

Eloise (Lois) Pauline Clarke, my paternal Grandmother, was born August 18 1903 in Brainerd Minnesota. Lois was baptized on September 20 1903 at Superior Wisconsin and was the only child of George F Clarke and Josephine Weber.

When Lois was one year old her father deserted her and her mother. On September 27 1904 Lois's father George, a machinist with the railroad, went to work and never returned. Nothing further has ever been found on her father.

Lois lived her early years in Chicago Illinois, where her mother worked as a maid. Around 1912 Lois gained a step-father, when her mother married a Charles Foster, and the family would live on a farm in Earl Wisconsin. Lois would gain two younger half siblings, Elizabeth and Marion, through her mother's second marriage.

Lois would grow up on the farm at Earl Wisconsin until the year 1925 when she would marry. Lois's married life is a story for a future blog post.

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