Friday, May 13, 2011

Johann Flatz and Mary Anna Gasser (My 3rd Great Grandparents from Austria)

Johann Flatz was born July 3rd 1823 in Schwarzach Austria to Johann Flatz and Agatha Duer. Mary Anna Gasser was born February 14 1820 in Wolfurt Austria to Johann Gasser and Magdelena Flatz. On August 18 1845, Johann Flatz and Mary Anna Gasser united in marriage.

Johann and Mary lived in Wolfurt Austria for the first five years of their married life, he working as a glazier and she giving birth to two daughters and a son; sadly the son was to die before he lived more then three months. In March 1850, in anticipation of emigrating to the United States, the couple sold their home in Wolfurt. Soon after the sale of their Wolfurt home, Mary found herself pregnant with a third daughter and their emigration was delayed another year.

In late 1851, Johann and Mary and their three daughters departed LeHavre France on the ship "Viola" and arrived in New York City on December 29 1851. The family would temporarily settle in Milwaukee Wisconsin and then move permanently to Mount Calvary Wisconsin, where they would have four more children.

Johann would die on February 28 1870 in Mount Calvary and Mary was to work as a midwife in order to raise her children on a 15 acre farm in Mount Calvary. Mary was to live in Mount Calvary until her death on November 25 1891.

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