Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thomas Tupper (A Founder of Sandwich Massachusetts)

Thomas Tupper, my 9th g-Grandfather, was born on January 28 1578 in Bury, Sussex, England. Thomas was to become a leatherworker and shoemaker as an apprentice in London England during the years 1592-1599. Beginning in 1621 Thomas was to sail between England and the "New World" numerous times learning the additional trade as a carpenter. Thomas settled permanently in Massachusetts in 1631, arriving on the ship "Abigail".

In 1637 Thomas and nine others were granted permission, by Plymouth Colony, to establish the first settlement on Cape Cod which was to become the town of Sandwich Massachusetts. The Tupper family home was built in 1637 and was to stand until it was destroyed by fire in 1921 (See Picture) Thomas's eldest daughter Katherine, my ancestor, was to marry a Benjamin Nye on October 19, 1640 at the Tupper family home.

Thomas Tupper died at the age of Ninty Eight in Sandwich Massachusetts in March of 1676.

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  1. Hi Monte. Thomas is my 9th G Grandfather also. Send me an email sometime. I'm very busy this evening with my computer inerds. It takes me probably 24 hrs to get stuff back to normal after a motherboard change. Give me a holler.

    Mark Tupper

  2. Melissa Holmstrom melholmstrom@hotmail.comJuly 8, 2012 at 10:17 PM

    He's my 9th gr grandpa also! (my moms maiden was Tupper.)