Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Theodose Forest (Orphan of the French and Indian Wars)

Theodose Forest, my 5th g-Grandmother, was born around 1748 in Pisiquit Acadia to Jean Baptist Forest and Marie Madeleine LeBlanc. Theodose was to spend her early years with her family living in Pisiquit and then Isle Madame Acadia.

In 1755, the British in anticipation of war with France, began a systematic removal of all Acadians from Acadia. The Forest Family was to survive through 1758 at Isle Madame under the protection of the French Army at Fort Louisbourg.

Sometime before the fall of Fort Louisbourg to the British in 1758, Theodose was sent to live in Quebec under the protection of her Grand-Uncle. Theodose's parents and three siblings were captured and deported to St Malo France. Theodose's father was to die either prior to the deportation or during the voyage to France. Her mother and two of her siblings were to survive the voyage in poor health and die within two and a half months after their arrival in France. Only one brother of Theodose was to survive the voyage to France and he was to die trying to return to the New World in 1785.

Theodose, at the age of thirteen, was to marry a Pierre Rollin on June 15 1761 at Saint Anne de Bellevue, Montreal Quebec and was given away by her Grand Uncle. The marriage was to produce six children, but her "Forest" line was to be no more.

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