Monday, November 26, 2012

Margaret Kieffer (My 3rd g-Grandmother)

  Margaret Keefer was christianed Marguerite Kieffer in Uhriller, Bas-Rhin France on 17 March 1824 (See birth record). Margaret was the first child born to Peter Kieffer and Catherine Richert.

  At the age of three, Margaret traveled to the United States with her parents by way of Canada, and the family would settle  in Stark County Ohio by 1830. Around 1840, she moved again with her family to settle near Granger Indiana.

    At the age of seventeen, Margaret found herself pregnant by her next door neighbor, a Cyprien Johnson. As an un-married woman, Margaret filed a paternity suit in court for support of her un-born child. A daughter was born of this pregnancy on 16 Feb 1842.

  On 26 November 1843 in South Bend Indiana, Margaret married a George Wilkeson (Subject of an earlier post). From this marriage would come twelve children, two sons and ten daughters. The family would reside around the South Bend area through 1869, when they moved to Iowa settling in Fort Dodge.

  Margaret died of a stroke in Fort Dodge Iowa on 28 April 1906 and was buried at The Oakland Cemetery in Fort Dodge.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Genevieve LeBlanc (My 4th g-Grandmother)

  Genevieve LeBlanc was born on 11 March 1799 at Mission du Sud du Lac, Saint Francois, Quebec., and she was baptized on 15 July 1799 at Les Cedres, Soulanges, Quebec. Genevieve was the eleventh child born to Etienne LeBlanc and Amable Rivard (subjects of earlier blog posts)

  On 26 November 1817 Marguerite married a Louis Dupuis in Saint-Anicet Quebec and the marriage was recorded in the parish records of St Regis, Quebec. The couple would live in Saint Anicet, where Louis was a Judge. From this marriage would come eleven children, one son and ten daughters.

  Genevieve would die on 1 September 1869 in Saint-Anicet, where she was buried beside her husband. At one time, the couple supposedly had the largest headstone in the Saint-Anicet with a bust of Louis on the top.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Walter Carroll Phillips (My Maternal Grandfather)


  Walter Carrol Phillips was born in San Francisco California on 7 July 1902. He was the fifth child of six born to Walter John Phillips and Mary Smith (Subjects of earlier posts), and would be the only son to reach adulthood. 
  By the age of two, Walter would lose his mother and two siblings, and would be raised by his father and three older sisters. He would go through the earthquake and fire of 1906 in San Francisco as a four year old. He grew up in San Francisco and attending Columbia Elementary School from 1908 to 1915, and Mission High School from 1916 to 1920 where he graduated.

  By 1920, Walter had move to Southern California, where he would work as a longshoreman for nine  years. He then  got into the petroleum industry in 1929 working first on oil derricks, and then into fueling ships in Long Beach and San Pedro California. When WWII came, he was classified as 3A (H) allowing him to continue his work in the petroleum industry. On 3 February 1943 Walter was hired by the Navy, fueling ships, and with the exception for one month in 1950 he would work as a Federal employee until 1 Dec 1960 when he retired on disability. 

  Walter married Agnes Hartnett (Subject of another post) in Riverside California on 25 June 1927 and the couple would have two daughters and one son. Walter would live his entire married life in Long Beach California where he died on 16 October 1967 at the age of sixty-five. Walter is buried beside his wife in Westminster California.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

George Wilkeson (My 3rd Great Grandfather)

Organized by Anne Cassidy Kiser

 George Wilkeson was born March 10, 1822 in Pennsylvania to John and Catharine Wilkeson. (See Previous post at;postID=6870980143375235208) He was raised in Pennsylvania until about 1832 when his family left Pennsylvania and moved to Osnaburg Township, Stark County, Ohio. Sometime around 1843 the family moved to South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana.
  On November 23, 1843 a marriage license was issued for George and Margaret Keefer. They were wed on November 26, 1843 in South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana. Margaret came with  a daughter which George raised as his own. George and Margaret would have twelve children of their own, ten daughters and two sons

  The family resided in South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana where George worked as a famer. About 1845 they moved to Michigan where their two daughters, Mary and Martha were born. By 1850 the family had moved back to South Bend.
  By 1960 George ceased his farming operations and engaged in the successful business of manufacturing of wagons. He went into a partnership with A. Coquilard. George later left the business and Coquilard continued with the business.

  George and his family moved to Earlville, Delaware County, Iowa in 1869, and in 1870 the family  resided in Oneida, Delaware County, Iowa where George worked as a farmer

  In 1871 the family moved to Fort Dodge, Iowa, where George would work  as a farmer, later in a bakery,  and by 1885 he was operating a skating rink.

  George died on July 9, 1883 in Fort Dodge, Webster County, Iowa at age 63and he  was buried at the Oakland Cemetery in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

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