Friday, January 28, 2011

Etienne LeBlanc a Revolutionary War Soldier

My 4th Great Grandfather, Etienne LeBlanc, was born about 1753 in Grand-Pre Acadia. He was in Quebec in 1776, when he was recruited into the United States Continental Army to fight the British.
With the threat of Ex-communication by the Bishop of Quebec, Etienne served on and off with the 2nd Canadian Regiment led by a Col Moses Hazen. The 2nd Canadian Regiment was known as "Congress's Own" as it was unaffiliated with any State Unit. The units major battles were in Quebec, Brandywine, and at Yorktown.
While in service, Etienne returned on and off to Yamachiche Quebec, where he married Amable Rivard in 1778, and sired 3 children between the years 1779 and 1883.
At the end of the war, 1784-1786, the family was temporally in exile in Albany NY living on rations and quarters from the American government. Etienne's 4th child was born in Albany while in exile. The family returned permanently to Quebec sometime in the years 1786-1787.
For further information on The 2nd Canadian Regiment:

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