Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mathieu Gervais "A soldier of the King"

  Mathieu Gervais, my 7th g-Grandfather, was born in Paris France in 1646 to Pierre Gervais and Catherine Saillard.

  At the age of nineteen, Mathieu sailed to the New World as a soldier  of  "The Grandfontaine Company" of "The Carnigan Regiment".(See photos of Unit" Flag and Uniforms)  The Company left France on 16 May 1665, on the French Warship  "L'Aigle d' Or" and arrived in New France on 18 August 1665. The "Carnigan Regiment" would provide security for French settlers against Indian attacks in Quebec. See:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carignan-Sali%C3%A8res_Regiment 

  Matheiu Gervais,like many other soldiers of his unit, remained in New France upon the units return to France. Matheiu and other members of his unit were rewarded for their remaining in New France with parcels of land.

  On 31 August 1676, in Montreal Quebec, Mathieu Gervais married a Michelle Picard. From this marriage four sons and six daughters would be born.

  Mathieu Gervais would die at the age of eighty-two on 31 January 1728 in Montreal Quebec, where he was buried on 1 February 1728.

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