Monday, October 1, 2012

Nellie Aldrich Reynolds

Nellie Aldrich Reynolds, my 2nd g-Grandmother, was born in 1885 in Fort Dodge Iowa. She was the 2nd child born to Aldrich Reynolds and Margaret Wilkeson.

  At the age of thirteen, she lost her father in a gun accident (see previous blog post at: ) The sudden loss of her father would evidently affect her throughout her life.

  At the age of fifteen, Nellie was three months  pregnant when she  married the father on Christmas day 1900. This marriage would only last a few years and would result in her only children, a daughter and a son.

  Nellie's mental state was such that she was in and out of mental hospitals all her life. Her children were in and out foster care or living with Nellie's brother. Nellie would marry at least five times through her life with none of the marriages lasting very long.

  Nellie died at Des Moines Iowa in July 1944 and was buried next to her parents at the Oakland Cemetery in Fort Dodge Iowa. She was buried under the name of her first husband "Hartnett" with a footstone placed on her grave by her children.(See Photo)

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