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Anne Cloutier (A bride at eleven years old)

    Anne Cloutier, my 9th g-Grandmother, was born 19 January 1626 in Mortagne France to Zacharie Cloutier and Xainte Dupont. At the age of eight she arrived in the New World  with her parents as one of the earliest families to settle in New France.

  At the age of ten, Anne was contracted to marry a twenty-nine year old brickmaker named Robert Drouin who was a resident at the Cloutier household. The marriage contract stipulated that the marriage would take place after a wait of one year, and that the newly married couple would remain at her parents residence, with no conjugal visits for two more years. The marriage took place on 12 July 1637 (See marriage record)

  Anne would give birth to her first child six days after her fifteenth birthday; a daughter named Agnes, on 25 January 1641. This child would live for only six days. In the next six years Anne would give birth to five more children, three daughters and two sons, of which only two daughters would survive birth and grow to adulthood.

  Anne would die at the age of twenty-two on 4 February 1648 and would be buried in Quebec, New France the following day. Her two surviving daughters would be raised by her parents.

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  1. Hello Cousin - Hi Monte!

    Thanks for this little story snippet on Anne Cloutier! She is my 8th great-grand-aunt. Her parents, Zacharie Cloutier and Xainte Dupont are my 9th great-grandparents. So, we're related!

    I'm going to be traveling over these holidays and visiting family plus do some more genealogical digging as well. I'm looking forward to checking out your RootsWeb family tree! Again, thanks for this post! Happy Holidays Cousin!

    Skeeter (aka Monique)