Thursday, January 10, 2013

Catherine Richert (A woman of Alsace France)

        (Example of a Costumed Woman of Urhwiller France)

  Catherine Richert, my 4th g-Grandmother, was born in the Alsace town of Uhrwiller on 20 December 1800. Catherine was the daughter of Johann Michel Richert and Maria Elizabeth Kieffer.

     (Marriage Record of Catherine Richert and Peter Kieffer)

  On 24 November 1823, in Uhrwiller, a pregnant twenty-two year old Catherine married a Peter Kieffer (subject of a previous post). Catherine would give birth three months after her marriage to a daughter named Margaret. (Subject of a previous post). Catherine would give birth to another daughter in Uhrwiller in 1826.

  Around 1828, Catherine and her family would leave Alsace for the "New World", first stopping in Canada, where Catherine gave birth to her third daughter. Catherine's family would settle in Ohio for awhile where Catherine gave birth to another daughter and two sons. Catherine's family would finally settle in Northern Indiana where her final child, a daughter, was born in 1840.

  Catherine would spend her last twelve years of life as the wife of her farmer husband in Cleveland Township, Indiana, where she died on 2 November 1852. Catherine was buried at the Salem Cemetery in Granger Indiana.

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