Friday, May 24, 2013

Nicolas Audet dit Lapointe

  Nicolas Audet, my 9th Great-Grandfather, was born on 12 July 1637 in Mulais, Poitou France. Nicolas was the second of four children born to Innocent Audet and Vincende Reine.

                  Baptism at St Pierre, Mulais, France

  This year of 2013 marks the 350th anniversary of Nicolas Audet's arrival in the New World in 1663, where Nicolas would assume the surname of "Lapointe". Nicolas's early years in Quebec would mainly be in the employment of Monsignor Laval, Lord of Beaupré and île d'Orléans.

  On 22 June 1667, Monsignor Laval granted Nicolas 3 Arpents of land. Nicolas would continue to obtain more land throughout his life as he was in possesion of 75 Arpents of land upon his death.

  On 15 September 1670, at Ste-Famille, Isle d' Orleans, Quebec, Nicolas took for his wife a Madeleine Despres. From this marriage would be born eight son's and three daughters.

                     Plaque honoring Nicolas Audet in Mulais France

  Nicolas died at the age of sixty-three on 9 December 1700 and was buried the following day at St Jean, lle d' Orleans, Quebec

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