Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Keeping the famlies together

Short post while on the road.
As with most small rural towns back in the day, many families were linked together through multiple marriages. My 4th g-Grandparents, Etienne LeBlanc an Amable Rivard, had ten children who married. Three LeBlanc brothers married three Lemay sisters, two other LeBlanc brothers married two Deschamps sisters, and two LeBlanc sisters married two Dupuis brothers. Only the remaining three children didn't marry an in-law relation


  1. That makes us multi cousins to ourselves.

  2. My family called those double cousins - when sibs from one family married sibs from another.

    And in some branches, we had a lot of those - especially in rural areas where transportation was an issue.

    People married the people they knew.