Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paul Hottesse "Indian Captive"

My 6th g-Grandfather, Paul Hottesse was born to Stephen Otis and Mary Pittman in 1682 in what is present day Dover New Hampshire. Paul was originally Christianed Nathaniel Otis. In 1684, as a result of an indian raid on the settelment, Paul with three of his siblings and step-grandmother were taken captive to Quebec. The raid resulted in the deaths of Paul's parents, and grandfather
Paul was to remain in Quebec the remainder of his life, apprenticing and becoming a shoe-maker. Paul became a citizen of Quebec in 1710, and married a fellow Indian captive named Marie Elizabeth Walbert. Paul was to marry two more times to "French Women", the last being Marie Anne Caron from whom I decend.
Paul died on Christmas eve of 1730 in Montreal Quebec
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