Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cpt Samuel Ruggles

My 9th g-Grandfather, Samuel Ruggles, was born March 14 1629 in Nazing England. He served as a Captain of the Militia in the revolt and overthrowing of the Royal Governor of New England in 1689. Samuel served as a special guard of Joseph Dudley, who would later be appointed Royal Governor of Massachusetts Colony.
Samuel operated a tavern in Roxbury MA and speculated in land. On December 27 1687, Samuel along with eight others including his sons, purchased land from the Indians which was to become the towns of Pomfret Connecticut and Hardwick Massachusetts.
On 25 May 1667, a horse and oxen cart Samuel was driving, was struck by lightning. The horse and two oxen were killed. Samuel was thrown from the cart, his shoes were blown off, but he survived with only minor burns.
Samuel was active in Colonial affairs, serving for 14 years as a Selectman, assayer, and a Colonial Representative to the King.
Samuel died in Roxbury Massachusetts on August 15 1692
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