Thursday, July 7, 2011

Anthony Anniball (Early New England Settler)

Anthony Anniball, my 10th g-Grandfather, was born in Kent County England in the year 1599. Anthony married a Jane Momford on April 26 1619 in Cambridge England and the couple would have one daughter born in England, before the family left for "The New World"

The family traveled to Plymouth Massachusetts in 1623 on "The Anne" which was the third ship to Plymouth Colony. The family lived in Plymouth for their first ten years in "The New World" A reproduction of their Plymouth house is represented today in present day "Plymouth Plantation"

In 1633 Anthony moved his family to Scituate,a more liberal outpost of the Plymouth Colony, where Anthony was appointed the Scituate Constable on January 1 1633. Anthony would organize the building of the first church in Scituate and he and his wife were listed as the 3rd and 4th members of the church. Anthony would serve as one of the leading lawmakers of Scituate, which became a town of its own in 1636.

Around 1639, Anthony once again moved on, this time to Roxbury Massachusetts where he would remain the remainder of his life. Anthony would die in Roxbury at the age of 75 in 1674

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