Thursday, July 14, 2011

Etienne LeBlanc (A childhood in captivity)

Etienne LeBlanc, my 4th G-Grandfather, was born about 1753 in Grand-Pre Acadia . He was the third son born to Joseph LeBlanc and Marie Madeleine Melanson.

In September 1755, Etienne, his family, and most of his neighbors were deported from their homelands by the British based on their French Heritage and Catholic Religious beleifs.

Etienne and his family were shipped to and interned in Sutton Massachusetts for the duration of what was to be called "The French and Indian War". Etienne's family of five would grow to become a family of ten with the addition of five siblings while in captivity.

After release from captivity, it is speculated that the family may have gone to St-Dominigue, as there is no additional records of anyone of the family other then Etienne after the Massachusetts internment. The record of Etienne's life would continue after 1776 when he shows up in records in Yamachiche Quebec. See a previous blog post.

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