Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rene Dumas (Carignan Regiment Soldier)

My 8th g-Grandfather, Rene Dumas, was born before 1651 in France to Claude Dumas and Francoise Leger. Rene Dumas arrived in New France, as a soldier of The Carignan Regiment to protect the interests of France in the New World. When the unit was disbanded, approximately 400 of the 1200 man Regiment remained in New France, of which Rene Dumas was one.
While stationed at Fort St Louis, present day Chambly Quebec, Rene married Marie Le Long on October 12 1671 and nine children were born of this marriage. After the death of his first wife, Rene married Jeanne Gilles in Montreal on June 1 1689 and no children were born of this marriage. Both of Rene's wives were "Kings Daughters or Filles du Roi"
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Keeping the famlies together

Short post while on the road.
As with most small rural towns back in the day, many families were linked together through multiple marriages. My 4th g-Grandparents, Etienne LeBlanc an Amable Rivard, had ten children who married. Three LeBlanc brothers married three Lemay sisters, two other LeBlanc brothers married two Deschamps sisters, and two LeBlanc sisters married two Dupuis brothers. Only the remaining three children didn't marry an in-law relation

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Antoine LeBlanc (My only "White" ancestor)

Antoine LeBlanc
My 2nd g-Grandfather, was born July 8 1835 in Saint-Anicet Quebec to Jean LeBlanc and Marguerite Lemay. Antoine married Adeline Caza in Saint-Anicet on Jan 8 1856. From this marriage would come 8 boys and 4 daughters. In 1877, the family immigrated to the United States settling in Oswego New York. In Oswego, Antoine changed the family name to "White", an anglicized version of LeBlanc, and became a farmer.
Antoine's first wife died in 1881, and he married for a second time, an Adelia Poulin in Oswego. Two daughters and a son would come of this second marriage.
Antoine was to remain in Oswego under the "White" surname until his death on February 18, 1919
The three children born of the second marriage remained in the Oswego area and keep the surname "White". The children of the first marriage moved away from Oswego and all went back to the French surname of "LeBlanc"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mathurine Graton "(Filles du Roi" " Kings Daughter")

My 8th g-Aunt, Mathurine Graton, was born abt 1648 in Aubigny Poitou France, the daughter of Pierre Graton and Marie Boucher. Her father was Royal Notary for the Seigneurie of Aubigny. After losing both parents, Mathurine left for Canada in 1670 under the Sponsorship of The Royal French Government, along with her brother Claude and his wife Marguerite Moncion and their children. On 30 Sept 1670, Mathurine married Pierre Toupin dit Lapierre at Beauport. The couple had seven children, all born in Beauport. Pierre Toupin dit Lapierre died January 28 1703 and was buried the same day at Beauport, most likely a victim of that year's smallpox epidemic. On 22 July 1710, Mathurine married Vincent Brunet at Beauport. Vincent & Mathurine lived at Beauport, but did not have any children together. Mathurine Graton died February 5 1728 and was buried the next day at Beauport.
For more information on Filles du Roi see:'s_Daughters

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hannah Nye

My 4th g-Grandmother, Hannah Nye, was born March 23 1779 in Hardwick Massachusetts to Joseph Nye and Patience Robinson. Hannah first married a William Merrick, who died soon after their marriage. Hannah then married an Aldrich Worley on July 8, 1805 in Hardwick Massachusetts and they moved to Westford Vermont. Hannah bore 8 children through this marriage, all but the first born in Westford. By 1850, Hannah was living with her eldest daughter in New Hampshire, and later traveled to Forestville Iowa to live with another daughter. Hannah died and was buried March 4 1853 in Forestville Iowa

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paul Hottesse "Indian Captive"

My 6th g-Grandfather, Paul Hottesse was born to Stephen Otis and Mary Pittman in 1682 in what is present day Dover New Hampshire. Paul was originally Christianed Nathaniel Otis. In 1684, as a result of an indian raid on the settelment, Paul with three of his siblings and step-grandmother were taken captive to Quebec. The raid resulted in the deaths of Paul's parents, and grandfather
Paul was to remain in Quebec the remainder of his life, apprenticing and becoming a shoe-maker. Paul became a citizen of Quebec in 1710, and married a fellow Indian captive named Marie Elizabeth Walbert. Paul was to marry two more times to "French Women", the last being Marie Anne Caron from whom I decend.
Paul died on Christmas eve of 1730 in Montreal Quebec
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

John Cogan "Father of Boston Merchants"

My first ancestor In the New World of Irish heritage, John Cogan, arrived in the New World in 1633 aboard the "Winthrop Fleet". He first setteled in Dorchester Massachusetts, with his three children who came with him to the New World. Appointed by Govoner Winthrop to survey the land and look for favorable places to settle, he helped lay out what was to become Boston.
By March 4 1634, John had purchased land and opened the first store in Boston. The land and store were located at what is present day NE corner of State and Washington streets.
John died on April 27 1658 in Boston, and is buried at Kings Chapel