Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mercy Dudley (A Governor's daughter and Reverend's Wife"

                                   Painting of the "Arbella"

  Mercy Dudley, my 10th g-Grandmother, was born on 27 September 1621 in Oakley, Northampton, England. Mercy was the youngest child born to Thomas Dudley and Dorthy Yorke.
  In 1630, at the age of nine, Mercy moved to the new world with her family as part of "The Winthrop Fleet" aboard the ship "Arbella".  Mercy's father would serve on and off as Govenor of Massachusetts Bay Colony. Her family originally settled in Newtown (present day Cambridge), moved to Ipswich and then onto Roxbury.

  At the age of Seventeen, Mercy married a John Woodbridge on 20 May 1639 at Andover Massachusetts. The couple would have twelve children, of which eleven would reach adulthood.

  Mercy's husband would teach school and become an ordained Minister at the urging of her father. In 1647, the couple would return to England, where her husband taught the Gospel for the the next seventeen years.

  On 27 July 1673, Mercy and her husband returned to the new world on the ship "Society". and they  would ultimately settle in Newbury Massachusetts. Mercy would die, at the age of sixty-nine,  in Newbury on 1 July 1691 and  was buried at the "First Parish Burying Grounds".

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