Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Otis Family of Dover New Hampshire

  My Otis family was one of the early families of Dover New Hampshire. On the night of 28 June 1689, in what would be called "The Cocheco Massacre", two generations of my family would be killed and a third generation would become captives of Indians and sold in Quebec "New France".

  Richard Otis, my 8th g-Grandfather and the patriarch of the Otis family in Dover, was murdered in his bed. His two year old daughter was also murdered and his wife and youngest daughter were taken captive to Quebec. Three other daughters of Richard, from a previous marriage, were originally taken captive and rescued a few days after the massacre.

  Stephen Otis Sr., my 7th g-Grandfather and son of Richard above, was killed on the night of the massacre. Mary Pittman, my 7th g-grandmother and wife of Stephen, was presumed killed in the massacre as she was never heard from again.

  Nathaniel Otis, my 6 g-Grandfather and subject of a previous post, was taken to Quebec along with his elder brother "Stephen Jr" and sister "Rose" All three of the siblings would grow up and marry, remaining  in New France.

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