Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Graton Family Origins in "The New World"

In 1670 my 8th G-Grandparents, Claude Jacques Graton and his wife Marguerite Moncion along with their five children arrived in "The New World" from France. The family was to settle on land in Beauport Quebec.

Based on the absence of any records after 1671 of Claude Jacques in Quebec, it is presumed that he returned to France during the Fall of 1671 or the Spring of 1672. Also lending credence to his departure is his absence in Beauport at the birth of his son, Joseph, on July 5 1672 and his absence at his eldest daughter Helene's wedding on February 13 1673. Claude Jacques was never heard from again and was declared "deceased" in Beauport on August 3 1683.

Marguerite Moncion was to die on June 9 1674, leaving her 5 minor orphaned children to the care of Claude Jacques sister, Maturine Graton (subject of an earlier post) and her husband.

The two eldest sons of Claude Jacques, Jacques and Mathurin, after numerous problems with the law returned to France about 1675 or 1676. The third son, Pierre, returned to France in 1689 and was last heard from while serving in Belgium with the French Kings Army in 1694.

It is the two daughters and youngest son of Claude Jacques that are to remain in "The New World". It is the son, Joseph, from whom the Graton line is established and continued in "The New World".

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