Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Marie Amable Rivard (A Soldier's Wife)

Marie Amable Rivard,
my 4th g-Grandmother, was born on December 30 1761 in Yamachiche Quebec to Joseph Rivard and Genevieve Cote. She was baptised on New Years Day 1762 at St Anne, Yamachiche (See Baptism record)

On November 16 1778, at Yamachiche, Marie Amable married Etienne LeBlanc (See a previous Blogpost), a French Acadian Soldier fighting for the United States in The American Revolution. (See Marriage Record)

Marie Amable remained in Yamachiche through 1784 and gave birth to three children there. She joined her husband in 1784 at Albany New York, where she was to give birth to a Son in 1785.

The family returned to Quebec around 1787 and she was to give birth to nine more children from 1787 through 1802.

Marie Amable died on October 1 1816 at St Regis Quebec and she was buried there on October 6 1816

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