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Walter John Phillips (My last immigrant to the New World)

Walter John Phillips, my Great Grandfather, was born July 22 1866 in Llanelly Wales to John Phillips and Mary Jenkins. Walter John grew up in Llanelly working in the Tin and Copper mills along side his father and brothers.

In 1890 Walter John immigrated to the United States and settled in the San Francisco California Bay area. He became a Naturalized United States Citizen on March 11 1896 in San Francisco California.

Walter John was to marry three times;

On September 1 1892, Walter married a Katherine Kennedy at St James Church in San Francisco California. Katherine died soon after the marriage and no known children were born of this marriage.

About 1893 Walter John married a co-workers widowed sister, Mary Smith (subject of an earlier post), and took on the responsibility of raising Mary's two young daughters. Walter John and Mary were to have four children of their own during the next 10 years. Mary was to die in 1904.

Between 1910 and 1920 Walter John took for his third wife, in San Francisco California, an Ida Mae Tulliners. No children were born of this marriage.

Walter John was to spend his life in California working as a gardener and parks worker for the City and County of San Francisco California.

The year 1904 must have been one of sorrow for Walter John. In February, his two year old daughter Suzi died, in April a child was stillborn, and his wife Mary died the following month from complications of the stillborn birth.

Walter John died on October 18 1933 in San Francisco. His funeral procession passed through the parks he worked in during his life on the way to Colma California, where Walter John was buried on October 20 1933.

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